Thursday, April 02, 2015

Towards Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scripture:  Mark 16:1-8
Sermon:  Risen Jesus - a step ahead of us

Why don’t we go Easter carolling this year? 

OK … I know we don’t even do Christmas carolling anymore.  But still, why don’t we go Easter carolling?   

At Christmas, we’re happy to let all the world know that in a child born in Bethlehem, God has come to dwell among us – that in Jesus we are given the gift of seeing how life is to be lived, and what kind of world Earth is meant to be.   

          Joy to the world!  The Lord is come:
          let earth receive her king!
          Let every heart prepare him room,
          and heaven and nature sing. 

So why at Easter do we not take to the streets with songs that this One – the One who heals the sick, lifts up the poor, forgives the sinful, welcomes the rejected, challenges the powerful, and overturns injustice, is alive and still kicking? 

Why is it we don’t go out some night this week or next – or maybe Easter morning, to sing songs that the One who shows us real-human-living and Earth-set-right, is still here … is not dead and gone … is not defeated by powers of evil, ignorance and greed … is still alive, present and at work in the world in more ways and places than any can imagine? 

How about this for a starter? 

          Joy to the world!  The Lord’s still here:
          Let earth embrace her king!
          Let every heart rise up and cheer, 
          and heaven and nature sing.

          No more let sins and sorrows grow,
          nor greed pollute the ground;
          he's raised to make God's blessings flow
          far as the curse is found.

          He loves the Earth with truth and grace,
          and makes the nations prove
          the glories of God's righteousness
          and wonders of God's love.
Easter caroling, anyone?

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