Thursday, April 14, 2016

Towards Sunday, April 17, 2016

I'm not preaching this Sunday -- a weekend off.  A chance for the congregation to be blessed and to grow spiritually under the leadership on Brynna Toogood-Segrave, a candidate for ministry in our congregation.

And I admit my week has seemed a little disoriented without sermon and liturgy preparation at the heart of it.  Makes me realize how much I rely on my Sunday work to be the heart of my spiritual practice and devotional life. 

Even though I am not preaching, I have had occasion to think about one of the readings for this Sunday -- John 10:22-30, where Jesus talks about his sheep hearing his voice.  It brings to mind also John 21:15-17 -- that resurrection story where Jesus surprises his disciples with a breakfast of fish and bread at the seashore, forgives them (especially Peter) their denial and abandonment of him, and then commands them to feed and tend his sheep and lambs.

Question:  who are Jesus' sheep and lambs?  Who does Jesus see as his sheep and lambs in the world, that he wants -- commands, his followers to take care of?

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